Recent trip highlights

2023 Zipline Trip

In March, we went to the largest zipline canopy tour, and stayed overnight at a nearby campsite.
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2023 Caving Trip

This February, our troop went caving. We spent multiple hours underground exploring a cave.

2023 Ski Trip

Every January, our troop goes skiing at Ober Mountain in Gatlinburg. For some scouts it was one of their first times on the snow, and for others it was their last before aging out of Boy Scouts. Either way, everyone had a blast.

2022 Rock Climbing Trip

We stayed overnight December 10th at Stone Summit. We climbed for hours, and everyone was exhausted by the time went to sleep.

2022 Mountain Biking Trip

On Saturday 12th, we biked just under 35 miles. We were planning on doing another 20 on Sunday, but ended up deciding that it was too cold and went to the Tellus Science Museum that morning instead.

2022 Whitewater Rafting Trip

During the weekend from April 22 to April 24, Troop 3000 went to Tennessee, stayed two overnights, & got to go whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. We got to go through rapids classed 1-4, and nobody - unintentionally - fell out of the rafts. 

2022 Ski Trip

From January 14 to the 17 we went to Gatlinburg Tennessee to ski on the Ober Ski Resort. We got to stay in chalets on top of a mountain overlooking Gatlinburg and the view was amazing. During the day we got to go skiing and everyone got to ski for part of one day, and almost an entire day the next. On our last night there, we got to go into Gatlinburg and explore the city for ourselves.

Jack's River Backpacking Trip

During the weekend from Friday October 15 through Sunday October 17, our troop hiked along Jack's River in the northern Georgia mountains. Almost all of the scouts (and some of the leaders) fell in the river during the 18 river crossings that we completed, and had a really great time!