About T3K

Troop 3000 focuses on the bringing cub scouts into the boy scouts program to develop skills to achieve 1st Class Scout Rank in the first year. As you attend the Troop Meetings you’ll learn more about this and the fun you’ll have getting there.

We also understand that families, school and sports are important and that your schedules are very busy. To get the most out of the Scout program, please consider us as part of your family when prioritizing your activities. We hope you would be able to participate in all of the campouts but they are not mandatory. Please be aware that the Troop meeting immediately in advance of a campout will be focused on the preparations for that trip so you’ll not want to miss it.

Interested in Joining?

Scouting is open to boys who are 11 through 17 years old, or who are 10 years and have also earned the Arrow of Light award or who have completed the fifth grade. The Troop Committee has further established a policy for membership that requires the boy to meet one of the following additional criteria; was previously a member of Cub Scout Pack 3000, or is an active member of Birmingham United Methodist Church, or has a sibling who is/was a member of Troop 3000. Exceptions to this policy are made at the sole discretion of the Troop 3000 Committee, and not the Scoutmaster or any other adult leader of Troop 3000.

We encourage all parents to volunteer, especially as a Merit Badge Counselor where many of the skills you have mastered in your life can be transferred to the lives of these young men. The Troop welcomes you to become a trained leader who are willing to complete various field and on-line training programs.