Rank Advancement

The BSA program is designed to promote rank advancement from Scout to Eagle with real-world, hands-on experience. Troop 3000 encourages our young men to focus on the basics by active participation in the regular Troop meetings and outings as they advance from Scout, to Tenderfoot, to Second Class, to First Class. Initially focusing on achieving First Class rank is our priority as it gives our young men a greater sense of accomplishment – feeling the commitment is worth it – and sets the foundation for further advancement as he continues along the trail through the ranks of Star, Life and ultimately, Eagle.

Merit Badges

A Merit Badge is earned by a Boy Scout when they have completed the requirements for one of more than 125 subjects in a wide range of arts, crafts, hobbies, sports, trades, professions, and service or self-improvement areas. Through the Merit Badge program a boy pursues his interests and learns career skills, develops socially, and may develop physical skills and hobbies that give a lifetime of recreation and experiences. There are circumstances where the Scoutmaster may agree to give the Scout permission to open a Merit Badge bluecard while on the journey to First Class. Merit Badges will be awarded during the Courts of Honor celebration.

Scout Procedure:

  • Determine which Merit Badge you want to work on
  • Obtain the Merit Badge book and read the requirements section so you know what is expected
  • Request a blue card from the Scoutmaster or Advancement Chairman
  • Contact an appropriate Merit Badge Counselor from the Merit Badge Counselors List, available on the Resources page, to start working on the Badge
  • Complete all requirements and ensure your documentation is complete when meeting with you Merit Badge Counselor

Counselor Procedure:

  • Receive inquiry from Scout to begin work on a Merit Badge and make sure he has opened a bluecard (bluecard procedures for adult counselors)
  • Work with the Scout towards completion of all requirements. This is routinely done on Advancement nights
  • Communicate with the Scoutmaster or Advancement Chairman on success, issues, problems, etc.
  • Forward completed bluecard to Advancement Chair for final processing prior to next Court of Honor
  • Merit Badge Counselor List Adults: there are several merit badges subjects that have open counselor slots. These are fun and you get to show your stuff in helping the scouts advance and learn. If you would like to help out the Troop by signing up please contact the Advancement Chairman or Merit Badge Conselor Coordinator.
  • Merit Badge Counselors must complete Youth Protection Training
  • Merit Badge Counselor Orientation for adult counselors
  • for official Merit Badge worksheets